The Musikkollegium Winterthur came into possession of a truly unique quartet of string instruments made by Jacobus Stainer (ca. 1617–1683) through a generous gift from Gustave Huguenin, Corseaux-Vevey (Switzerland). The instruments are a cello from the year 1673, a viola from the year 1660 and two violins from the year 1659.

After slumbering for years in the Musikkollegium’s showcases, the instruments were carefully restored to their original condition by master violin maker Aline M. Oberle and now can be used to perform music from the epoch when they were built.

The Musikkollegium Winterthur has made it a goal to let these wonderful historical examples of German instrument handwork sing once again.

Professional musicians now have the possibility of playing these instruments, singly or as a quartet, for a fixed period of time.

The instruments can be examined by appointment.

This website will also serve as an archive and will be expanded in order to make it possible for professionals to have access to related literature, illustrations and technical information.

We welcome and appreciate all comments and suggestions.

Christian Sager, Curator